(aka Young Gods)

Feature - In Development
Writer/ Director - Sean Conway

Teenage shaman Lettice lives in Tin Town, a secluded hamlet where kids with dirty faces roam the streets with padlocked chains around their necks. In the Borderland that surrounds Tin Town, Lettice believes a beast exists, a beast that killed his mother. Defying her spirit and an historic family feud, Lettice falls in love with outsider Lily. As their love blossoms Lily’s brother Zeus goes missing. Believing it to be at the hands of the beast, Lettice stalks Borderland returning only to find himself a suspect. When Lily then disappears Lettice has no choice but to kill the beast, clear his name and escape Tin Town. Whorses is a toxic romance of broken bloodlines, altered states and rhapsodic teenage lust.

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