4AD: The Year My Voice Broke

Feature Documentary - In Development
Director: Ashley Horner
Producers: Keith Bell and Paul Welsh

An iconic record label. A design movement. A journey. A postcode?

Why make a film about the British record label 4AD? Originally, just a small indie, it was a hugely influential and important from the start with releases by THE BIRTHDAY PARTY and BAUHAUS, followed by the COCTEAU TWINS and THE PIXIES – securing the label an artful reputation they maintained and sustained throughout, galvanised by their beautifully designed sleeves by in-house artist Vaughan Oliver.

4AD as a label were unique in their championing of female fronted bands, from LIZ FRASER, Kirsten Hirsch & Tanya Donnelly of THROWING MUSES and BELLY, Lisa Gerrard of DEAD CAN DANCE, Miki and Emma of LUSH and the inimitable Kim Deal of THE BREEDERS and PIXIES fame. Theirs was a noticeably female empowered roster in a sea of indie-boy mediocrity.

Ashley Horner, former guitarist in 4AD label artists PALE SAINTS goes digging for fire.

A Co-Production with EDGE CITY FILMS (Scotland)