Privacy policy

Pinball Films is committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of visitors to our websites.

“The real danger is the gradual erosion of individual liberties through the automation, integration, and interconnection of many small, separate record-keeping systems, each of which alone may seem innocuous, even benevolent, and wholly justifiable.”

When you visit our website, our web server collects basic user information about you that includes your ISP’s domain, the time you accessed our website and the pages from within our website that you visit. We may at times also use cookies, which are small pieces of information that a website can store in a designated file on your computer. The basic user information collected is used to help us analyse web traffic and to improve the content of our website.

Our site provides links to our affiliates and they will be able to determine that you were linked from our website. We will not otherwise disclose information unless we have reason to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, make contact with or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of Pinball Films, our customers, or others, or where Pinball Films has good belief that the law requires such disclosure.

Although we make good faith efforts to store information collected in a secure operating environment, we cannot guarantee complete security. Information collected by the website will be maintained for a length of time appropriate to our needs. Pinball Films Privacy Policy may change from time to time. However, any revised privacy policy will be consistent with our mission. If we make any substantive changes to our policies, we will place notice of changes on this page. Goodnight.

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