Sean Conway


“…is a fucking genius” Rankin

Batley’s finest export. Currently residing in Venice Beach, Calif. Sean has an enviable list of writing credits including, HIT AND MISS for Sky Atlantic, RAY DONOVAN for Showtime and the soon to be released ALL I SEE IS YOU. Welcome to Seanywood.

Karl Liegis

Head of Production

Karl’s attention to detail during development, in budgets or when making crew selection will astound. He strives to create possibilities, empower and build. Hard but fair, he has the necessary rigour and relationships to support all facets of production. Every company needs a creative organiser with vision and integrity. Karl is that man.

Ashley Horner


With a distinctly European outlook, Ashley is a collaborative cinephile with the energy and passion that makes things happen. Ashley’s raison d’etre is to be responsible for at least one classic piece of cinema. At 21 he said he would give it 30 years...some argue it's already happened....